The new ZD410 desktop barcode printer by Zebra is a great entry level ribbon-free direct thermal printer for smaller scale print tasks.

Having a maximum print width of 2 inches, the ZD410 works best in retail for shelf labels, product labels and fine barcode printing jobs such as jewelry tags (the 300dpi option is suggested for smaller barcode printing). Being about the size of a tissue box and printing at a speed up to 6 inches per second, the ZD410 is ideal for office or front desk printing where you can provide name tags or even wristbands quickly to waiting patrons.

For ease of use, all moving parts are bright yellow so you’ll be able to navigate your way through the set up steps quickly. Zebra ZDesign V2 Software is available to purchase. As far as accessories goes, the ZD410 offers field upgradable parts, such as a dispenser or cutter that are simple enough to install yourself. The ZD410 ships with a 1 year factory warranty, with optional extended fully comprehensive warranties available through Zebra’s One Care program.

SKU: ZD41022-D01W01EZ
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