*The Universal mEnclosure (Tablet, Stand and Printer sold separately)*

Always leading, and always innovating, Star Micronics is excited to offer the Universal mEnclosure universal tablet enclosure. With expanding arms and VESA mounting, the Universal mEnclosure effortlessly accommodates multiple sizes and types of tablets.

Designed to be future-proof, the Universal mEnclosure works with all mUnite tablet stand models and nearly any tablet including Android, iOS, and Windows tablets ranging in size from 232mm x 169mm (iPad Air 2 9.7) to 280mm x 214mm (iPad Pro 12.9). No longer does purchasing a new tablet mean you need to buy a new enclosure, as well.

The Universal mEnclosure allows the tablet to be mounted horizontally or vertically, and when paired with an mUnite stand the cashier can flip the tablet for customer use. Additionally, the enclosure’s locking arms combined with a single-key design help to secure the tablet and prevent theft. Available in a sleek black finish, the enclosure features clean cable management that hides the messy look of cables as well as a felt layer to prevent the back of the tablet from being scratched.

SKU: 37950830
Star Micronics, Universal mEnclosure (Tablet, Stand and Printer sold separately)