Enjoy enterprise grade value with Star's new TSP654II Series. Available in either dark grey or white, the TSP654II Series offers robust, extremely fast printing, capable of handling high volume transactions on a daily basis. The TSP654II boasts a lightning fast print speed of 60 RPM (receipts per minute) (300mm/sec), an improved 2 Million Cuts guillotine auto-cutter, and allows for easy "drop-in & print" paper loading.

- Easy set-up across all models
-"Drop-In & Print" Paper Loading
- Robust 2M cuts Guillotine Auto-Cutter
- Enterprise Grade 300mm/s High-Speed Printing
- Compatible with Star Micronics PromoPRNT and Cloud Services
SKU: 37966000
Star Micronics Thermal Printer, TSP654II CloudPRNT 24- Receipt Printer