Secured EMV Stand, SlideDock

Secured EMV Stand, SlideDock

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The clean-looking SlideDock is a versatile product that can provide you with a simple clean way to securely display your EMV reader or Smartphone POS.

The SlideDock is a two-part system, the first being an adhesive plate that connects to the back of the device. The second is an angled swivel stand, with a quick lock base for a secure “Grab & Go” solution.

 Once the connecting plate has set on the back of the device you slide it on the SlideDock stand. The first measure of security is an integrated keyed cylinder lock that latches the device into place. The second is securing the stand itself, with adhesive or screw-in base, to the table surface or wall.

 Whether you need to securely display a mobile device or an mPOS payment terminal such as the latest Verifone Carbon Mobile 5, the SlideDock will help you personalize the in-store customer experience. A secure "grab & go" solution, making anything portable, that is suitable for all commerce environments.