Fits 80, 76, 69.5, 57.5, + .5mm Paper Rolls, 19.6mm per second, 4.7 lines per second, Replaces BTP M280

The Energy Star certified SNBC BTP-M300 impact receipt printer prints superior quality fonts, which is ideal for receipts, coupons, special offers and more. The SNBC BTP-M300 impact receipt printer is designed to offer hassle free drop-in and print right away paper loading. The SNBC BTP-M300 printer features a patented paper jam recovery system, and it has one of the best auto cutters in its class rated at almost 2 million cuts. An additional feature of the BTP-M300 thermal receipt printer is its internal power supply, which eliminates a messy power brick and power cable. Feature for feature and dollar for dollar, the SNBC BTP-M300 impact receipt printer has some of the best features and price point available in the POS industry today.

SKU: 132081-E
Cash Register, SNBC, BTP-M300 Ethernet, Impact Receipt Printer (Black)