The Arlo cash drawer delivers uncompromising performance and quality, providing a low cost of ownership for light cash use environments. Purpose-built for the entry-level market, the Arlo cash drawer is easy to use enabling efficiency throughout the checkout process.

The Soma family product line is designed for a market segment that has a relatively low number of cash transactions. As a member of the Soma family product line, the Arlo cash drawer is a reliable solution with its smooth ball-bearing roller wheels, ensuring 500,000 plus transactions.

Product Benefits:

— Cost-effective and durable for value
— Includes cable for 320 printer interface
— Tested to last beyond 500,000 operations
— Two media slots for storing of large bill denominations, receipts or checks securely under the till.
— Built with steel construction and ball-bearing roller wheels
— Provides peace of mind with a status switch for reporting drawer status back to the POS application.
SKU: EKDS320-1-B330-A10
APG, Arlo, 13x13 Cash Drawer, 4X5 Till, Black, CD-101A Cable Included