• Preset Tare  - Tare values can be digitally stored 
  • Comparator Function - Sets the high and low weight targets and shows HI / OK / LO on the display
  • Comparator Buzzer - Optional comparator output sounds at user defined settings
  • Setpoint Control for Simple Batching - The weighing data can be controlled at three setpoints: Full Flow / Preliminary / Zero Band outputs
  • Multiple Weighing Units and Modes - By pressing one key, weighing units and mode can be changed
  • Hold Function - Holds the current display value
  • Counting and Percentage Modes
  • M+ Function for totaling weighing data
  • Adjustable & Detachable Stainless Steel Display
  • Tilting Meter Head
  • Compatible with the AD-8121 Printer
  • Standard RS-232C Interface - RS-232 bi-directional serial port to connect to a PC
  • Dustproof and Waterproof
    • IP-65 / NEMA 4X rating
    • Sanitary washdown construction
    • Removable platform cover
    • Protected load cell sensor
  • Large, bright Vacuum Florescent Display (VFD)
    • 20 mm character height
    • Suitable for low light envirnoments
    • Viewable from any angle
    • Easy to read from long distances
A&D, Weighing Bench Scale