The Industry’s first EMV Level 3 Certified Tablet

Our latest generation Quest Tablet, the Quest III, is EMV Level 3 Certified. The Quest III tablet is tested and proven to work with each card brand, providing another layer of protection and ensuring you can securely accept all of your customers’ preferred payment methods.

Ultra-Low Power Consumption and Extended Battery Life

Because the Intel™ Atom™ Cherry Trail Processor offers ultra-low power consumption and extended battery life when in continuous operation, there’s no need for staff to worry about locating a charging dock halfway through their shift.

More Storage, More Memory

The Quest III rugged POS tablet comes standard with 64 GB of storage and 4 GB of memory. Packed with power, speed, and space, the Quest III is prepared to handle the memory-heavy point of sale applications you use to run your business.

Windows and Android Compatible POS Tablet

Compatible with both Android and Windows operating systems, you can select the OS that is best suited to your environment and applications.

SKU: QA12-A200H000
7" Quest III Tablet with Android Nougat 7.0, MSR, Scanner, Battery, Power Supply, Charging Cradle, Hand Strap, USB Adapter Cabl